Joy in the moments #WorldofWarcraft #BlaugustReborn

This post contines the theme of developer appreciation week for BlaugustReborn. Playing through the early Battle for Azeroth content with my husband and a friend, I can find joy in the small moments. Regardless of greater or meta concerns like the big picture story, or how long the expansion will keep me entertained, there are moments of fun to be had all about. So, I do appreciate the artistry and efforts put into this expansion by Blizzard’s developers.

The fun for instance of jumping around as a giant magma elemental and squashing masses of goblins (not because they’re Horde per-se, but because their voices/characterisation and always have annoyed me).

It is the delight of zipping around Boralus on little boats as a new fast-travel option: Boomkin on a boat is a good look.

It is staring for minutes at the beautiful sky over Drustvar, is that an aurora? Can it be one if we’re looking west? With a sky that mesmerising, I don’t honestly care…

Finally it is me fanboying whenever I first see the Zandalari / Aztec-esque design elements in the early war campaign quests (Vol’dun I think?). I have always loved mesoamerican inspired fantasy.

The joy of gaming can be found in the little moments and smallest details that catch your eye or hold your attention as you play…

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