Massively on Murkmire #BlaugustReborn #TESOnline #MassivelyOP

This being developer appreciation week, I’ve decided to share a link to the latest Tamriel Infinium post on Massively OP. The post is a fun deconstruction of the recent Murkmire teaser video – just the sort of thing I enjoy reading but don’t have the time (or depth of lore knowledge) to write myself. I’m very much looking forward to this Black Marsh-focused DLC coming to Elder Scrolls Online as it will feature front-and-centre my own main character’s race, the Argonians.

Elder Scrolls Online had a bit of a rocky start, but the developers (Zenimax Online Studios) have done a sterling job of ‘righting the ship’ and bringing extra content and features to the game to enrich the play experience. The game is so easy to return to with the auto level-scaling, and the expansion zones I’ve dipped into so far are accessible, no minimum level or gearscore required. If you’ve never tried the game, I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

I’ll also add to this post my appreciation for all the staff at Massively OP, a site that I’ve followed (in two different incarnations) for nine years or so. I find this site a wonderful resource for keeping updated on industry, and specific game developments – I just don’t have the time myself personally to keep track of so many game websites, forums, Twitter feeds and Discord servers. Having a single site to go to for my MMORPG news is invaluable to my enjoyment of this hobby. If you don’t already have the site on your bookmarks or RSS, take a look!

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