Blogging idea generation #BlaugustReborn

The topic for this week of Blaugust Reborn is idea generation: how do bloggers generate ideas for blog posts? It’s particularly important for this month as some of us participants are actually trying to post every day for the whole month, that’s a lot of blogging!

Personally, I have a mix of different blog styles and usually try to keep a mix of posts over the course of a week. I vary the games I’m talking about as much as possible, rotating through what I’m currently into, and if possible try to mix up post types a bit as well – one day a screenshot-heavy “gaming diary”, then something a bit more meta or industry-analysis oriented.

Gaming-diary posts

These are my most common posts I think, this blog was born as a kind of record of my gaming hobby so I like to post about what I’m playing and what I think of this dungeon or that quest. The inspiration usually comes from just playing, and being aware of things that might trigger a blog post, it’s gotten easier over time to do that – but taking lots of screenshots of anything dramatic or unusual can help.

Game comparisons

For a while I was studying comparative politics as a post-grad, that got me used to looking at things in comparison. So I do like to do comparison posts of different MMORPGs – usually I have an idea about something I like or dislike about game 1, and I then just think about whether it’s any different in-game 2 or 3.

Response posts

I enjoy commenting on other blogs, but sometimes the response needs more words than fit comfortably into a blog comment. So I also write a fair number of response posts, with an appropriate link to the post I’m responding to and a summary of the idea or ideas I’m referring to in my own post. This post itself could be seen as a response post – I read Wilhelm’s own post on the subject before writing this.

Industry commentary

I don’t do as many of these as I used to, I think there’s fewer MMORPGs being released and those releases are smaller than they were in the early 2010s when I started this. I still read a fair amount of MMORPG news though, so some posts are more in the vein of industry commentary. Here I just write a thought piece if a specific news item on Massively OP or some other news site interests me in particular.

Review posts

I rarely do review posts (I’m not alone), some people do them monthly, I usually do an annual one nearer New Year’s Eve. I have on occasion done seasonal reviews – “what I’m playing this Summer” type posts. It’s more a filler post for me than something I plan on.

Screenshot post

Similar to a game diary post but without a specific thematic or gameplay anchor topic. I sometimes do screenshot posts just because I’m playing something new and have been taking way too many screenshots for my own good…

What inspires your posts? Do you have other types you regularly write?

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  1. I’m a big advocate of “response posts”. Riffing off a talking point on Massively Overpowered, is also a good means of creating a blog post.

  2. Yes, the response posts, that often starts as a comment and then you realize that you’re already five paragraphs in and you don’t want all that work to disappear into an appendage to somebody’s work that will likely never be seen again once that post scrolls off the front page. I’ve gotten many a post out of that sort of effort.

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