Blogging logistics #BlaugustReborn

Blogging for me has mostly been an exercise in being organised, or perhaps more accurately trying to be more organised. When I started the blog I was working part-time and studying a master’s, so I had enough on my plate already. From the start it was about organising my ideas and time to meet the self-imposed posting schedule I decided upon (and later revised).

Part of that was simply getting into the habit of needing regular ideas and content. I got into the habit of taking screenshots in all the games I play just to have nice pictures to post on my blog. I also keep a simple text file on my phone where I can type in ideas for posts whenever and wherever I am, ideas can pop into your head anywhere! Many of those ideas never made it into a full blog post, but organising your thoughts as much as your time can help.

Having a schedule and sticking too it has helped me keep going these past seven-odd years, blogging is just part of my life now. It’s something I do as a background to whatever else is going on. This is how I managed to add it to an already busy schedule, I started out writing mostly over breakfast or lunch before or during the working day. That poses some logistical hurdles of course, do you have your ideas with you, what about screenshots? In more recent years I generally try to write posts at least the day before they’re due (I post every other day, as previously mentioned). This has the advantage of writing at my main computer with all the screenshots to hand and also the games I write about should I need a bespoke screenshot for the idea I’m addressing.

That doesn’t mean I’m always that organised mind: I have long been in the habit of taking breakfast and lunch near work, which gives me a break from the office but means I only have my phone or, at best, a netbook with me. Many a time I’ve just been too busy or forgetful to schedule a post, so then it’s a matter of writing on the go. That’s another kind of potential hurdle, can you edit your blogsite on a smaller device, do you know the login and/or have the app installed? Editing posts on a phone is a pain I feel, I usually have to sneak 5 minutes or so on my work computer to edit a post for any mistakes when I blog on the go (N.B. only do this if you know it won’t get you into trouble!).

Blogging for most of us is a non-professional hobby, however I’d recommend having a schedule and sticking to it, even if it sometimes means rushing a post or writing something short. Keeping that rhythm is important, I find, to keeping the blog and your own motivation levels going. But, never forget that this is only a hobby, getting to stressed about missing a ‘deadline’ to post is worse than not posting – burnout from blogging, just like burnout from gaming is something to avoid at all costs.

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  1. Shintar says:

    About ten years ago now, I maintained a personal, diary-like blog on which I posted daily for a full four years. Initially this came to me completely naturally – in a time before social media it was basically my way of staying in touch with friends and just generally getting things off my chest every day. However, there came a point when I started to struggle with keeping up the daily posts… yet instead of adjusting my schedule, I kept wrestling with a backlog of backdated posts until one day it became all too much, I burned out and pretty much quit the blog for good.

    These days I’m much more flexible – if I notice that I’m struggling I try to figure out why and adjust. At the same time, I agree that having some kind of schedule is invaluable. I don’t think my SWTOR blog would still be running nearly seven years later if I hadn’t “forced” myself to post sometimes even at times when my interest in the game was on a temporary downturn.

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