WoW: 8.0 is not golden

With the 8.0 patch landing yesterday in North America, and this morning in Europe; it’s that time when, inevitably, Blizzard radically re-does all the classes, and leave us scratching our heads bemusedly at where buttons or other class features have gone. The title is a reference to a previous post from when I was playing World of Warcraft in the early part of the Legion expansion, the talent that gave my main character a ghostly ‘golden’ appearance has been removed (Blessings of the Ancients).

Blessings of the Ancients gone :”(

The UI has been overhauled slightly as well, the menu icons now sit underneath the bags in a corner. The bottom right hotbar has been split in half and stacked next to the main hotbar as well. Still no ability to freely reposition windows though, so not a major improvement I’d say – if the map obscures the chat window even when not in full-screen, the devs need to try harder!

More dramatically the stats have been squished again, and so have our artifact weapons – they’re now updated to be non-upgradeable and without their unique abilities or mechanics. Thankfully the moon cycle abilities from the Scythe of Elune have become a talent, that’s a class feature I’d really miss if it were gone.

Bringing the BOOM to Boomkin

On my Shaman, I see more positive changes overall. Earth Shield is back, I loved that as part of his healing rotation. Also it seems all Shaman specs get to summon at least one elemental, the Legion credo of “only Elemental Shamans deserve elementals” annoyed me no end. It slightly weird that the elemental isn’t tied to a totem anymore, I guess the days of Shamans being a totem-based class mechanically are long gone though.

Holy Paladin from first glance gains nothing new, and I have lost the ability to take both Holy Prism and Judgment of Light talents as they are now in one row. It’s a minor downside, and I have to go with Holy Prism because it’s such a fun and versatile spell to play with.

So, this is just my initial impressions as I log in characters to the expansion. I’ll post again once I’ve had the chance to actually play on them in some group content!


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