SWL anniversary

We played Secret World Legends two nights ago, and have played a number of sessions recently, but the ongoing anniversary event hasn’t really attracted our attention that much. In the last session we did get around to checking out the piñatas in the Agartha, although anything that fills my character’s inventory with random stuff isn’t a winner for me.

Otherwise there is an instanced in-Agartha fight with a random Talos of Gaia at a couple of minutes after every hour (real-time) – it’s easy to tell when one is due as people gather outside the portal.

The fight happened in a section of the Agartha that I think is used in one of the blue/main arc story missions. I miss the original game’s open world version of these fights, wandering in random open world zones – and an active Event chat channel as the community-led means to communicate which were up and where. Waiting at an instance portal on a timer is very Guild Wars 2 -like and is too ‘appointment gaming’ for my tastes.

The fight itself was easy and not too long. It did give me a chance to get some real fist-healing practice in with a larger group than our usual trio. My ultimate and ground-placed healing circle both worked on other players not in the group.

I’m not that motivated to collect the shems, which seems to be the main reward for doing these Talos fights. I had them all back in TSW, and this is the most telling negative of relaunching this or any other MMO – I barely have the patience to do a grind the first time, I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat it again.

So instead we carried on with the Tokyo storyline – lots more content to be done on these characters!



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