Fractured: a MMO with some depth and choice?

Massively have a post highlighting Fractured, an isometric MMORPG in development. It’s the first game in a quite a while that may actually interest me. The video in the leaked post has a lot of details, but the following points stood out to me.

Unlike most MMOs in development this game seems to promise a real choice to opt-out of PVP – and unlike other recent games isn’t betting the game’s future on forcing players into PVP. There will be three world’s it seems: one PVE with flagging for consensual PVP, one all-out PVP and a middle-ground that offers some mix of the two. Naturally if I were to play this I’d be on the former.

There’s talk of the choice of character race having real meaning, it sounds like racial choices are locked to the world you start on, though equally it sounded to me like your character could then travel between the three worlds. That would probably force me to create a beastman (native of the PVE world), or perhaps a human from the middle world that would have to immediately ‘escape’ to the PVE world if that were possible. It sort of sounds a bit like Everquest 2’s alignment system albeit with the PVE-PVP spectrum layered onto it.

There some detailing of the proposed building/crafting system as well, with a hint about trading long-distance and scarcity of some materials in some areas. I wonder then if some materials will only be in one of the three worlds, requiring player to transport rarer items between them?

All in all it sounds more interesting than most of the games in current development, and with the developers giving a nod that not everyone with an interest in sandbox gameplay is also a fan of all-out PVP. The Diablo-style graphics aren’t my favourite, but I’d be willing to at least give the game a try for something a bit different. I do like the sound of three linked worlds as a setting.

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