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According to a recent post by Bhagpuss there’s yet another new event coming next week to Everquest 2, the Scorched Sky Celebration. More events in this game are always welcome as the rewards are usually excellent, especially the housing items. He posts that there’s a fiery horse ground mount, although on most of my characters I would normally have thought that wasn’t worth collecting, I do possibly have an idea for a summer activity that could really benefit from it.

My main is a bit stuck again in the Plane of Disease, I abandoned the quest chain due to time limits in the instance near the end of a chain and the whole thing has reset (it happens to be an instance inside an instance). I’ll not be able to return to this until I have a whole afternoon free to re-do it all.

This barrier should be down…

So I’ve been looking for other things to do in Norrath to relax, and came on the idea of chronomentoring down to do some low-level zones that I’ve never done before. I did experiment with this on my level 90 Warlock in the Greater Feydark recently, it’s fun to wander around enjoying the stories without any concerns at all for gear quality or rotations.

The Feydark can be confusing to navigate, even on flying mount

I have a new Berserker from the most recent level 100 promotion that I want to play, but a new character at that high level is rather intimidating skill-wise, so I figure some low-level play will allow me to settle into playing him at an easier difficulty level. There’s quite a wide selection of zones that I’ve never done actually, including some that I’ve started on a character and never finished (e..g Nektulos Forest on my Warden). I’ll need a bit of self-discipline to avoid playing ‘ALL the characters’ since I’m not restricted to just characters at or near the cap for this.

He’s ready for level 100, but am I – the player?

Another advantage of playing older zones on this character is the chance to gather the materials to level a new tradeskill while doing them. If I jump straight into the Plane of Prophecy content on him, I’d not have the materials to level crafting. So, as an extra self-imposed challenge I think I’ll try using a ground mount to slow the pace a little and make the whole experience a little more immersive – a new fiery horse could be just the thing!

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