Kaidan here we come #SWL

We’ve made it to Kaidan in Secret World Legends, ready to play through this zone’s missions for a second time. In the end Transylvania seemed to take for ages, probably because we had some gaps in-between sessions due to incompatible schedules.

This time around I’m busy learning Japanese, sadly I haven’t learned enough yet to understand or read much (I know about 30 Kanji…), but I am recognising the odd bitand can read most stuff if just the syllabaries are involved. Understanding anything is another thing entirely of course…

Doreemu paresu desu!

The noticeable difference already is that there’s no Aegis (/happydance), I never liked that system and am very happy to see it gone. Despite the lack of Aegis we’ve noticed a difficulty spike in the amount of damage mobs do – the Oni were actually causing me to need to heal in our trio as we roamed around the zone on the first few missions.

Kaidan was a bit of a step-up in difficulty in TSW due to the Aegis system shields, but it seems mobs were pumped to compensate for that system’s removal. As a trio we’ve not had any real issues but I imagine solo this zone could be a bit painful.

We’ve barely started on the zone so lots more to do before we can progress to South Africa. In any case it’s great to be back in Tokyo soaking up the atmosphere and all that ever so delicious writing for me to practice reading on!

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  1. Shintar says:

    Good luck! I have to admit that I enjoyed Tokyo the least of all of SWL’s zones. The quests were well done, but I didn’t like the jump scare horror employed in some of them, and like you said the mobs increase in toughness quite a bit, Aegis or no Aegis. We didn’t have trouble as a duo either, but the zone requires so much running back and forth that re-clearing the same mob groups for the hundredth time gets old quickly (in my opinion)…

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