E3 multiplayer reflections

Having finally caught up with some of the deluge of coverage for E3, I’m left with little to no change to my current mode MMO-gaming wise. Long-gone are the heady days of the early 2010s, where new MMORPG releases were vying for our attentions at every big conference.

Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire

Zenimax Online Studios brought the most positive news for me, this year’s major update will be Murkmire – taking the game into the homeland of the Argonians (Yay!). There’ll be a werewolf themed dungeon pack as well, but Murkmire is what I’ll be waiting for. I wonder if it’ll bring a new skill line, as per the Summerset chapter?

Fallout 76

Lots of excitement about this on social media, but always-online gankboxes with no NPCs or dev-crafted content aren’t for me. Especially given that you could join a map where other players have a nuke ready to wipe-out your settlement. I guess it’s a very close analogy to Conan Exiles gameplay (the avatars there are very like nukes), a game that hasn’t interested me in the slightest either…


This might be worth a look when it arrives in 2019, although my husband doesn’t play shooters (motion-sickness) so it’s not that likely I’d stick with it for any length of time. I tried Warframe a couple of months ago and shooter gameplay, once a mainstay of my gaming, just isn’t as appealing to me now.

Cyberpunk 2077

Another potentially interesting game, the opposite of Fallout 76 in several ways as it looks to be a content-rich crafted RPG experience, but there’ll be no multiplayer option at launch so not of real interest to me. Another strike to the game is that it’s cyberpunk but not Shadowrun, so anything else similar that isn’t has a disadvantage from the start. If at some point a coop mode is added and multiplayer questing actually works then I’d be more likely to play it.

Looks like I’ll be playing my stalwart MMORPGs for some time to come.

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2 Responses to E3 multiplayer reflections

  1. Sylow says:

    Hehe. For the first two, i see it almost the same. I mean for ESO, i generally am very happy about new content. The only drawback for me is, i try to experience all new content together with my wife and not hurry ahead. And Zenimax seems to be able to produce content faster than sh’s able to play it… so unless i start soloing new content, i won’t see the new things only in a distant future… πŸ˜€

    On Fallout i also feel the same. It’s just yet another “Counter-Strike with grinding”. H1Z1, Conan Exiles, Crowfall, you name it, i dismiss it. A survival sandbox which rewards and encourages cooperation, while making it very hard to survive by killing and looting other players could actually be pretty good. But games which reward cooperation are few, and those which then also are fun are even fewer. After all, that’s very hard to design properly, while “shoot and loot” can be designed during a drinking spree, and is a tried and proven gaming concept.

    Unfortunately that’s also what i expect from the new fallout

    For Cyberpunk 2077 i think very differently than you, though. A well done and atmospheric cyberpunk game will sure be played by me. Not everything has to be multiplayer. Getting another MMO into my gaming does’t seem like a good idea, but a single player game is no issue. No social strings attached and being able to save and load makes those games much more flexible for me. πŸ™‚

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