Diving for pearls #EQ2 #Everquestii

Everquest 2 has a new seasonal event, the Oceansfull Festival. This Othmir event has special clamshells spawning in coastal waters in various locations. Each shell contains housing items and other cosmetic treasures to collect.

There are clusters of clamshells at each possible location as listed in the linked news article. I tried a few different, easy to reach, locations on my Inquisitor for my first run. Since this meant travelling to lower level areas, I also took the opportunity to do some gathering of lower-tier materials for future tradeskill-leveling projects, and to knock-out the day’s login tasks.

Flying between festival locations

So far I’ve gathered a small stock of housing items, this character’s basic flat in New Halas is now so stuffed I’ve stored the haul in my expansive Kromzek Keep prestige house for now.

A new themed-collection begins…

This is an event that will repeat so I won’t necessarily rush to do all the extras, there is an achievement and a collection to work towards; but I would like to get some more of the cosmetic items.

On this character at least, the event is zero-stress because he has a handy non-combat spell called ‘Swill‘ that gives him water-breathing. So I’ve spent chunks of time flitting around the shallow waters of three different zones. This character is also a woodworker by trade, so he can make very useful items that my other characters could use to emulate the same spell.

The event also caused me to work out how to re-enable illusions on this character. At some point I disabled them, possibly because of a festival-illusion that I disliked the look of. Anyways, some quick wiki-searching led me to the character sheet left-side options menu where-in I had “Hide My Illusion Form” still ticked.

An important option to know the location of…

This was important because I received a new Othmir illusion item as one of the random rewards for opening clamshells. It’s rather fetching, I might need to gather some more of those…


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