What I’m playing this summer

With the shift into proper summer weather I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be playing MMORPG-wise over the lazy summer months. I read Syp’s two lists of upcoming MMOs with interest, but so few upcoming games actually interest me in the slightest, I couldn’t do such a list myself. That’s not a bad thing though, I’m pretty invested in several existing games myself – so, here’s my list of current games, in no particular order.

Elder Scrolls Online

Giants, appropriately, are pretty tough foes

In Elder Scrolls Online I’ve been leveling my Dragonknight main mostly, he’s now in Eastmarch and level 30. At some point I’ll want to take my baby Warden through the rest of the Morrowind chapter content – although it’s tempting to jump on the Summerset chapter bandwagon while it’s fresh, I can’t justify buying it when I’ve not even finished the last one!

Everquest 2


I need to find enough time to make some progress in EQ2, I’m wary of respawns in the instanced quest zones if I log off or leave the zone part way. So if I’m going to progress my main through the story I need to sit and focus. That’s not so easy when Daybreak are tempting me to create another instant level 100 character – I’m itching to try a Berserker (self-healing tank character) next…

DC Universe Online

Husband and I are having a blast playing DCUO as a duo side-game. It’s not likely to ever become that prominent in my gaming schedule, but the game is fun for quick burst sessions.

Secret World Legends

For trio MMO gaming, we’re playing SWL still with a friend – now tidying up the last few missions across Transylvania before our characters head to Tokyo!

Fantasy Grounds – Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve been using Fantasy Grounds to run tabletop RPG sessions for two different groups now for some time – both very sporadic as meeting up in-person is often difficult to organise. We finally dived into using FG to run sessions with a remote participant for the 3rd edition D&D campaign and it works very well. Not quite as good as face-to-face gaming, but so much easier to do regularly. It looks like we might be trying to take the second 5th edition D&D campaign online as well in the near future – I’m excited to get more regular roleplaying sessions going!

A FG run combat

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