Wrapping up Carpathian Fangs #SWL

Last play session we closed in on the end of the game’s original zones, our next blue mission is to go to “the breach”. We have one long set of missions to go before entering Tokyo for the second time. I’m rather looking forward to that as I can start practicing my Japanese writing recognition (I’m not at a level where I can read much yet as my class only just started on Kanji).

Transylvania storyline wrapped-up

We completed the Carpathian Fangs dungeon for the first time on this playthrough as well, as with many of the later dungeons, these simply weren’t doable back in TSW as they required a full group – now the story-mode is tuned for a trio we have managed to see them all. Strangely for “the Slaughterhouse” the door entrance tried to put us in the elite version, we had to use the queue-system to enter for story mode – some weird bug perhaps.

As with earlier dungeons there were some character deaths and even the odd wipe to boss mechanics as we learned, but we made it through without any real difficulty – the story mode is nicely balanced difficulty-wise for our playstyle.

Carpathian Fangs as a zone has a lot of space, there’s a fair amount of running around and the blue missions have you going all over the zone way ahead of any sensible path through the other mission-giving NPCs. It felt like we completed the zone very quickly though, and the missions felt pretty clear in our memories even though it’s been nearly three years since we last finished it.

It also has the first fight that really posed me problems with my tank built character in TSW, Mara.

This and a later story mission to come, really caused me no end of problems back then. This time around on a healer built fist/blood character I was able to complete this fight on my second attempt – much quicker. Partially that’s down to knowing the mechanics, but I do think my character is probably better prepared for the more difficult fights now – I created a DPS spec for an earlier solo-mission boss fight and it works well enough.

We’re not quite done in Carpathian Fangs just yet, however, we haven’t wrapped up all the missions in the area, and there’s one or two involving a little girl that we must see once more.

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