Stunning landscapes #ESO #SWL

Playing a few games recently I’ve been stopped in my tracks to just admire the vista as my character travels around. Despite the MMORPGs that I play not being the newest, the graphics and the environments can still be beautiful.

Sunsets and sunrises can be particularly impressive times to capture screenshots, like this sunset above as my Dragonknight explores wintry Eastmarch.

The ethereal lighting of the previous zone, Shadowfen, was equally impressive with the low sun shining through the misty swamp air.

Swapping to Secret World Legends: nighttime can offer eerie, but beautiful vistas too.

Distant locations can offer an impressive backdrop, or the temptation to go running off exploring.

And finally, a reminder to always look upwards – this one comes from the instanced area at the end of a mission. A still photo does not do justice to the atmospheric nature of this swirling maelstrom of crows.

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