Tentative progress in Innovation #everquestii

I kind of hit a brick wall on my progress in the Planes of Power content for a while, my character had quests to go to the Plane of Innovation, but when I went there it seemed I’d be overwhelmed very easily within moments of stepping away from the entrance portal. I had been carefully reading the quests as I started the Legacy of Power Signature, and knew going into the Plane of Innovation that I was supposed to have a zone-specific buff increasing health and potency. I had that active as I first entered, and by chance, also had my healer mercenary deployed (Kluuron V’Lorn).  I took my usual approach to an instanced zone: start slow and clear as you go. That worked for maybe one group of small spider-like mechanicals, but I soon found my health plummeting without warning and was looking at the revive screen.

After this had happened a couple of times, I took some time to check the faction vendor in the Plane of Magic and replaced a couple of items with slight upgrades – nothing major though. I was also aware that my character is level 107 at present, the signature quest is 110, but in my experience of EQ2 getting quests over your level isn’t that uncommon – the guide to this zone suggest it is for level 105-110 so that doesn’t seem likely to be the problem.

One of many boss fights

Given the difficulty spikes I’ve been experiencing, I decided to just follow the wiki guide to minimise wandering around and random fights. With this I actually made a fair amount of progress, killing several boss mechanicals without further character death. That’s not to say my character is having an easy time of it, I’m having to be careful to keep my reactive heals up Malevolent Diatribe (and similar), forgetting this or overpulling is likely to see my health plummeting very quickly. My mercenary’s healing isn’t enough, whereas my reactive heals when up seem to keep my health at 100% all the time – it’s all or nothing.

Pulling more than one group leads to a tense fight

These prestige chain quests are labelled as heroic so I would expect some increased difficulty over normal open world questing, the health pools of monsters are certainly larger. I’m having to use my ascension abilities as much as possible just to end fights in a reasonable time. The damage spikes are still the aspect of this content I’m finding somewhat off-putting – I’m ok with learning the odd boss mechanic, but being “on edge” so much during questing is a bit draining.

This guy gave me a shock first time I saw him!

For now I’m ok with pushing on to see more of the expansion’s storyline. The locking of content in heroic instances has caused me to leave stories unfinished in previous expansion, so well see how far I get this time.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I didn’t struggle as much as you’re describing in Innovation but I did think it was the toughest of the zones. I can’t recall exactly what level I was when I did it but probably less than 107 because i went in as soon as it opened for me.

    I tried to fight nothing that I didn’t have to and it turned out to be fairly easy to avoid combat. The aggro range on everything is tiny. I always read up Bosses and similar tricky encounters before I try them, which saves a lot of trial-and-error learning, so that probably helped me not to die too much. I definitely did die a few times though.

    I think the whole game is tuned around the Ascension abilities now. People complain about every class turning into Wizards. I still hardly use mine, though. I use the big DD when it’s off cooldwon and a DoT ditto but I haven’t really bothered to keep up with the tedious upgrading process and most of the time I just forget I have Ascension spells anyway. EQ2 is a very class-based game and experiences will vary wildly depending what you play, but as a Berserker, using mostly the free expansion gear and then the quest rewards as they came, I didnlt really have many issues. The hardest (slowest) part was definitely going form 100 to 101, After that it all went pretty smoothly.

    As for the mobs being “Heroic” in the Solo instances, they are and they aren’t. The buff you get effectively counters that. I don’t know why they chose to do it that way rather than just make them one and two ups but it’s the same difference in the end. There shouldn’t be anything in the solo signature line that can’t be soloed. I haven’t come across anything in this or earlier expansions that used the Solo/Duo/Heroic/Raid mechancis for instances that couldn’t be soloed in an instance flagged as Solo. Out of curiosity, what couldn’t you complete solo in previous expansions that was intended to be soloable? I do have a vague memory of the final instance of Altar of Malice jumping to full Heroic and not being able to do that at level…was it that one?

    Edit – One day I’ll remember to turn NoScript off before I hit Post Comment.

    • Telwyn says:

      I do wonder if my health isn’t being increased as per the tooltip of the buff. I’ve tried switching it on and off a few times just in case. I did start skipping fights as well, although I guess I’m just not as skilled at that – it doesn’t help I played a Shadowknight main for a few expansions, he always felt invincible compared to my Inquisitor. Erm, I don’t remember but it could have been Altar of Malice – I went into whatever instance it was and was immediately flattened without hesitation by the mobs inside. If it’s any consolation I have major problems commenting on most Blogger blogs – I always have to select the Name/Email ID option instead of the WordPress via link ID as the latter always craps out if I try that – I guess the blogging platforms aren’t playing so well together anymore…

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