Gotham side-jaunt #DCUO

We progressed in our last session to a segment of story in Gotham, a change of scenery from all of our heroics in Metropolis. We were facing off against Joker’s masked and facepainted goons by the score to help an overwhelmed local police force.

As is now a familiar pattern in the game, we completed some open-world tasks and then headed into an instanced area for a boss fight (against Harley Quinn) and some story. This was where things took a turn for the surreal.

Cute is not the word I’d use for this cat…

This building had been given quite the makeover by Joker. We zoomed around doing the pre-boss mission objectives and side-missions. Soon after entering we found our characters in what seemed like a human-sized snooker table.

It was hilarious to fight enemies while knocking giant balls around the room

The balls didn’t do much, although you can pick them up to hit enemies with for comic effect (my powers were more effective if less fun). It certainly made combat a lot more chaotic as targeting was confused for a while, I imagine the Joker if watching our progress must have gotten a lot of laughs here.

I was impressed by the design of the instance and the items in it. Adding the giant balls and presents made it a lot more interesting to play through than some other, simpler boss areas. There was something slightly disturbing about the sense of scale as well – either that it was a place for giants or that we’d been shrunk by some diabolic device on entering. We triumphed easily enough, but I did feel as we played through as sense that a rather strange joke was being played on us.

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