Coincidental advantage #everquestii #eq2

In my last session of Everquest 2 I progressed the Legacy of Power Signature quests a couple of steps, gaining access to the Coliseum of Valor as an account unlock, and started getting some Planes of Prophecy expansion-themed housing items.

So far I’ve only a few, but it’s enough to inspire me to want to start redecorating my character’s little abode. I’ve never really been very creative with housing layouts, not compared to some of the amazing creativity I’ve seen in EQ2 and other games that have housing. But I do like to see my characters’ houses dotted with memorable items and furniture as testament to their past adventures.

I noticed that the next steps in the adventuring timeline for this character now overlap with his abortive start of the crafting quest timeline (which was released later and jumps into the expansion story at a later point). So it might be possible now to progress both in parallel when I next play: both are set in the Plane of Innovation.

Patrolling clockwork threats

Stepping into the zone I quickly noticed there are a lot of clockwork threats on both sides of the paths, and patrolling ones too. My character just dinged level 107, so I’m a little concerned he’ll not be up to the task (monsters are 110); but having a crafting quest here means I might be able to use more subtle means to progress for a time – my first crafting task is to make EMP-style items to disable the patrolling clockwork creatures.

The local clockworks are not friendly…

This is not someone playing the adventuring timeline at release could have benefited from, but if it works I’ll be happy to make use of this coincidental advantage to explore deeper more safely.

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