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This week I’ve come across a couple of promo campaigns to get some benefits in different MMORPGs. Although my gaming plate is pretty full already I can spare enough time to pop in regularly to earn anything I can as bonuses.

Elder Scrolls Online has a week of free subscription time starting from tomorrow (24th). I could finally have a look at the sub-only crafting storage to see how that works. There’s also a daily loot crate up for grabs, but it seems according to the comments that’s only for existing subscribers.

Tera wants you to login to get a dragon journal, a book worthy of a reward if you’re willing to collect the missing pages from various dungeons in-game.

Both these are short-term campaigns to get people back in-game, so they’re easy to jump in on and have no real impact on my own gaming plans or current focus.

On a similar note, I just missed out on getting a free mount in Rift Prime by a few days when I went away. I’d been logging as much as possible since I subbed up to play on the progression server, but then went away on holiday only two logins short of the mount. It seems there have been some issues with this particular reward item anyway, though that’s cold comfort given how close I was to getting one.

Returning, and re-subbing, to carry on leveling I’ve noticed that the hard reset of monthly rewards happens to fall awkwardly for me as it’s based on the calendar month – meaning after only seven days it’ll reset again.

I think I prefer the short-term login promo over daily rewards; games that want me to login daily are in danger of straying into “needy MMO” territory in my mind…

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