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I’m back from holiday and trying to catch up with all the missed blogging and news that’s come out this last two weeks, it’s going to be a rushed and partial attempt as I have other obligations on my time too.

Coming back from a substantial break can be disruptive of the impetous to play a game. I did read some blog posts while away on Feedly, and have a strong desire to make progress on the current expansion for Everquest 2, both adventuring and crafting quests, inspired by Bhagpuss’ recent blogposts.

More culling to be done

Something else that did catch my eye today are the details of the recent Rift live stream as recorded over at Massively OP. I left my new Rift Prime character at level 21 in Stonefield, no doubt he’s far, far behind the bulk of the playerbase on this server now, but if the content of new content/expansion unlocks is going to be slower than first discussed there might be time for me to casually level up to 50 ready for the release of Storm Legion. I was playing when that expansion launched, but haven’t been actively playing for any of the other game’s major content releases at the time they were launched.

My last port of call in Stonefield

It’s a common problem that I’ve experienced in many MMORPGs – if you’re not there at the launch of the content or soon after you will at best have a markedly different experience of that content (less positive than that envisaged by the developers I’d wager); at worst have it’ll be a painful slog through over-populated zones of monsters and sparse grouping opportunities. So being there to see Ember Isle or Nightmare Tide as it opens would be attractive just to see the various rifts and invasions events with a decent player population…

In essence it is “more of the same” of what I was playing in March, but after two weeks of travel and sightseeing away from home it can be nice to come back to a comfortable routine.

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Welcome back and thanks for all the postcards!

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