Beast’r egg hunt 2018 #EverquestII

My Easter Sunday started with a relaxing egg hunt in Everquest 2 for this year’s Beast’r live event. This year there are five new named eggs to find in starter city zones. I checked out this excellent guide so I knew the names to look for.

I chose to take the easy route, I didn’t have all day to wander around looking for them, so I spent a good half hour bothering guards if they knew where to find this egg or that egg. I also chose to collect the ‘shinies’ as I rode around to complete the post-themed collection for the city, somehow this character hadn’t ever done it!

Qeynos-style mailbox reward for collection

It was a very relaxing game session, meandering around the city, watching other players riding around and switching to different city zones using the bell teleport. I imagine the guards may not be quite so relaxed about the influx of egg-hunting heroes , indeed some seemed less than pleased to be asked for the whereabouts of “Zesty” or “Bubbly”.

Having collected them all I’m all done for another year, though I was able to trade in some duplicates for the new housing decoration versions!

Some new additions to the menagerie

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Oh thanks for the reminder. I’ve slipped out of the loop in EQ2 while I’ve been playing EQ. I didn’t know there were new eggs or a housing version. I’ll try and get them this weekend.

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