Riding around virtual worlds #EverquestII #RiftPrime

Over the course of the weekend I’ve squeezed in some solid sessions of MMORPG goodness. I’ve done several stints of leveling my Inquisitor in Planes of Power, now at level 105. Questing in EQ2 is super relaxing gaming usually, although some concentration is needed to work out what to do and where from hints in the quest text.

I love all the travel actually, the questing often has a lot of back and forth, but I don’t see that as a negative these days. It’s good to be travelling around on my beautiful flying mount and admiring the vistas in the Plane of Magic.

Riding around is also something I’m now doing on Rift Prime’s Vigil server. I finished Freemarch on Saturday and had enough saved to buy a basic mount. So now I’m mostly questing up in Stonefield, although returning to Meridien to do auction sales, banking and some crafting and daily quests.

The questing itself is a trip down memory lane of course, but I’m keen to do any zone-invasions that come up – I’ve only timed it right to do one so far in this second zone, so I look forward to more epic fighting as I progress.

I make use of shortcuts in both games when they’re available – Call or Soul Recall (a k a Hearthstone), but I never shy away from travelling on hoof or foot when questing. It helps that I love to gather shinies and crafting mats so I enjoy being out and about, and roaming wider than just the quest area.

Sometimes it’s nice to just ride around and to see what you come across.

Following the road, where it may lead…

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