Cleaning up #GW2

Although I’ve not made great strides yet to implement all the great advice on my inventory problem, we have been busy tidying up zones in Guild Wars 2, working on map completion in Heart of Thorns.

The maps are pretty complex, finding just where a point of interest or hero point location is regardless of what the map says can be a challenge. Some zones have four or more layers stacked vertically and getting between them has proven quite a learning experience at times.

These cats can swim

That said we’ve avoided using guides or enhanced maps for the most part – better to at least try to discover it all ourselves. Some of the paths have become rather well-worn as we ride, glide or Griffon around the zones, the Chak tunnels in particular are uncomfortably familiar.

We’re done with all the zones except for Dragon Stand now, so nearly done on our Charr pair. After that, I’m not sure what we’d do next, other than waiting for the next Living Story chapter. We haven’t done any of Living World Season 3, so if we can save up enough gold to buy some gems we might unlock the two chapters that we’re missing. Although it wasn’t as noticeable during the Path of Fire main story content, we’ve felt since starting Living World Season 4 that a lot has happened that we missed while not playing.

I am certainly enjoying playing Necromancer more, though I haven’t yet decided if I prefer it to Mesmer (Mirage is a TON of fun). I have unlocked Reaver through playing the Heart of Thorns story and zones. I’m about one third of the way through unlocking Scourge as well as we tidy up the remaining map elements, so will be giving that a try as soon as I have enough unlocked for a complete build. For the two classes that I play the most the elite specialisations seem to add a decent amount of variation to their gameplay.

Reaper mode, engage!

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