Coming along swimmingly #RiftPrime

My baby Cleric is leveling nicely in Freemarch when I have time to play on Vigil. Now a newly dinged level 15 I’m pushing through the middle of the zone, but also vacuuming up quests that I may have missed. Wilhelm mentions in a recent post on his experiences in Freemarch about missed quests, so far I think I’ve managed to do almost all of them. I’m not resorting to guides or achievement lists as yet, but I am keeping a close eye on the mini-map as I roam across the zone during invasion events – seeing a quest marker pop up while rushing between rifts or invasion squads has helped me find two smaller quest hubs or zones that I would otherwise have missed.

Being tempted by a rift or invasion can lead you to new discoveries

One of the quest areas I found this way was Fortune’s End, there were a few underwater quests here. I was quickly reminded of the old school breath limit on Prime – it didn’t take long to run out of breath and be threatened by drowning. I actually don’t mind underwater content, even if there’s a strict time limit on holding your breath. It’s a nice contrast to staying on land all the time.

Catching my breath

Clearing out the quest log as I go has also meant the odd doubling-back for ‘conquest’ quests – i.e. kill 10 rats. These quests are newer than the original game’s launch, introduced in Storm Legion if memory serves, but they’ve been kept for this Prime server. Such kill quests are clearly marked with the red star-burst icon on the map to show where you should go hunting. Given the reports on other blogs of problems with getting enough XP to level, I’m being thorough at the moment and going back if needs be to do them all.

Mini-map showing a conquest mob area

I’ll soon be on to Denegar’s Stand now, the Defiant base at the foot of the Iron Fortress – the first dungeon for this faction. Hopefully I’ll have Freemarch wrapped up by the weekend! The next zone, Stonefield, has very good memories for me of the game’s early launch weeks and the frantic fun of massive zone-wide invasions. I’m looking forward to moving on to there soon.

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