South Africa announced #SWL #TSW

So, as a bit of a surprise the new content coming in April for Secret World Legends is set in South Africa. The location probably isn’t that big a surprise to those closely following the games lore, but the short lead time to its arrival certainly was for us.

Expectations for this content release are likely to be rather high, from the TSW veteran’s perspective it’s the first new non-dungeon content for several years; the first new zone for longer. I’m excited to see the new content, the trailer looks promising as the game will be delving into the background of a certain mysterious organisation.

The trio group I’m sporadically playing with is only just into City of the Sun God, so we have the whole of Transylvania (3 zones) plus Kaidan to do before our SWL characters are caught up with our original characters’ progress. That’s a lot of story to get through. There’s zero chance we’ll be ready when this is due to launch on 4th April. As a friend said last night, though, the story in this game should not be rushed.

So, here’s hoping the new zone is good, and that there’s more than a superficial layer of South African culture and geography incorporated – with the camp setting shown in the video I am slightly worried the zone will be set in South Africa but not particularly ‘grounded’ in that country. The filth hyenas look spooky enough, but what about some hadidas or dassies?

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3 Responses to South Africa announced #SWL #TSW

  1. Gryph says:

    Part of me wants to be worried about the possible superficiality, too…BUT I look at the other areas, including the most recent Tokyo, and they’ve done so much research into the local cultures, religions, folklore, etc. every time. Admittedly, this is easier for me since I’ve played through more of the game, but putting effort into research has been a staple of the game for as long as I’ve known it so I’m sticking with hopeful based on past experience. Let’s hope both of our hopes are well-founded! 🙂

    (Also, I agree with your friend about not rushing the story.)

    • Telwyn says:

      We had played through all the content in TSW, so up until now it’s been repeating stuff we’ve seen already. Just to be clear we did see Tokyo and enjoyed it, but this is the first new content under the new SWL regime…

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