That familiar feeling #EverquestII

Thanks to Bhagpuss for the news that there is a quest for free familiars in Everquest 2 at the moment. This was perfect timing as I’ve been poking around in-game again after a bit of a post-holidays break. Free stuff is always a good incentive to log into any game, but offering it as a reward for a quest or hunt is better I think than it being a login reward.

My summer bloom familiar

So I’ve not engaged that much with the familiar system since it came in, although I did happily gather the free one on several characters back last summer. This little sunflower follows two of my characters around all the time, but with this new give-away it looks like I’ll vary my familiars more often! As with mounts, I generally choose vanity pets for a given character and stick with it when I’ve found the right one. If something even more appropriate comes along I’m happy to change things up, so lets see what I get!

Egg familiar

For the first stab at this I had to work out how to deal with the two impediments to an otherwise simple task. Firstly the random type of creature that my character is asked to cage for the familiar crate reward – I’m not so well versed or good at remembering to know what critters live where. EQ2Wire has a neat guide to beasts in Norrath that soon fixed that issue. Secondly it’s a level 5 quest, and I chose out of laziness to go to the nearest zone to trap me some beasts (Antonica and Commonlands respectively). Here I encountered the common problem with “use item on monster you have started fighting” in many MMOs, if your character is high level you generally one-shot anything in low-level zones. So starting combat required carefully selecting an ability that wouldn’t do massive overkill: for my inquisitor I used a debuff (Condemn), for my Shadowknight I used a taunt (Blasphemy).

Another tip that I’d probably not have worked out myself is to turn away from the poor unsuspecting grey-con creature to avoid a quick riposte reflecting damage back onto it. That certainly helped on my Shadowknight! Thanks to EQTraders for the guide and tips. So far then I now have one new familiar on both main characters, a beetle and a great-looking ghostly beholder. If the quest does remain repeatable then I’ll hopefully snag a few more as time permits.

Don’t look at me like that…

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