Tera’s male Brawler

I was surprised to read a few days ago over at Massively OP about a new class coming to Tera, or more appropriately a new class variant – the male Brawler. I will refrain from reposting the teaser video, punching pandas is never ok, even virtually. In fact the tone of the advert rather reminds me of another discussion on Massively asking why most marketing for MMORPGs seems to still be aimed at younger white/straight males.

Impractical armour 101

Tera seems to have quite a quixotic self-image as a game – in some ways very, very stereotypical with the skimpy costumes and ‘Lolicon‘ Elin – yet also more diverse in other ways. Just look at other marketing images the company puts out – the images featured in  other Tera-themed Massively articles illustrate the other cutesy extreme that the game goes to. I mean, just look at the mount list: from fierce magitek horses to flying pink and white rabbits with giant ears

Tera: embrace the cuteness

Personally I’m not that interested in the Brawler class, I did briefly try one when the original, human female-only, version launched. But, the fact that the game may be adding more variant classes to loosen the gender/race locks is great news. The obsession with Elin and, more recently, with female-only new classes has been a big turn-off to me personally from returning to the game. If the devs are finally addressing this imbalance then I may well return – now just give me some new Popori or Baraka class options, please!

Popori goodness

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