Taking to the skies #GuildWars2

Finally today we unlocked our Griffon mounts on our Asura pair. Once we’d earned our 250 gold, we took a break from Maguuma for a couple of sessions to go through the last of the unlock chain. N.B. This post contains spoilers for the Griffon mount unlock chain, don’t continue reading if you’re still working on it!

It took longer than expected because to buy the various 25gp items from the ten different vendors we had to do a heart at each of them – previous completions don’t count. It’s one of the stranger design decisions of the expansion that these repeatable heart vendors only unlock when you complete the heart – a previous unlock expires at some point.

The hearts were easy enough to complete, if time-consuming in some cases, leading us on to a welcome return visit to the giant library that is Kormir’s Sanctum. This zone is so beautiful – I was very happy to return here. Once again we had ten things to do here, ArenaNet seems to like dectets of tasks. The varied elites that carried keys all have their own attacks to avoid, counter or blunder through – nothing that difficult for a pair of intrepid Asura. A helpful ghost librarian will show you on your map where all the chests are that the keys unlock.

That done and the lore items handed in also left us with one last challenge – fighting a champion Awakened alongside some Sunspear NPCs. Sadly, this instance is a rare example of GW2 not catering to duo gameplay as we were forced to solo it in parallel.

After many weeks of gradually accumulating the gold, hunting rares and collecting all the achievements we have our Griffons.

I’m excited to be using this mount as we return to our Charr and their exploration of the jungle!


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