A call for help #GuildWars2

As we continue our push through Heart of Thorns, with now a second map completed, I’m impressed by just how helpful and communicative the people we meet are in this MMORPG.

There are challenges that a pair of Charr cannot easily accomplish, like the champion hero point boss pictured above. But a quick call in map chat will often bring players rushing to join in for any activity that’s even vaguely rewarding.

Events in the Auric Basin are popular it seems, despite the content being an expansion out of date. If anything it is too easy to be regularly distracted from whatever we actually logged in to do, as we join another rush of players escorting some Pact NPC or chasing to reach a boss fight before it vanishes from the map. Unlike many other MMORPGs, this old content remains just as challenging as it always was – gear scaling or over-gearing isn’t a big thing in Guild Wars 2. It’s perfectly possible for an event to fail even now in 2018!

Still, we regularly get runs on the map meta events (both when we were doing Verdant Brink and now in Auric Basin) and can usually get help doing anything else that a Necromancer+Guardian pair can’t handle on their own.

Let the adventures continue!

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2 Responses to A call for help #GuildWars2

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I was in Dry Top yesterday, a map I thought would have been abandoned long ago, and while I was there the meta went to T4 and all the events in the sandstorm were completed – and it wasn’t even an organized map! Certain map metas have remained surprisingly popular and other maps just have lots of things people need. ANet have made a big effort to include a wide range of maps in just about every one of the many long grinds they like to attach to things like Legendary crafting and it seems to be working to keep the whole place buzzing along.

    I bet you’ll find it a lot quieter when you hit Tangled Depths though. That map has always been unpopular and it was often hard to find anyone doing the meta even when HoT was new. I wonder if people still do Dragon’s Stand? I bet they do. I might go and do it again soon – I always liked it.

    • Orthom says:

      I did dragons stand just yesterday. On EU at least there are normally always enough people to to it. In the evening at least. All the HoT metas can be done easily. I have yet to find a really abandoned one.
      Also at https://gw2community.com/calendar/ they still organize for nearly everything in the game. Even Dry Top T6 runs are regularly done. Just this weekend i did a really nice organized Serpents Ire run with them. We had two full squads 🙂

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