Black rider eat your heart out #GuildWars2

My Charr may be taking his Reaper spec too seriously now…

We continue to play through the Heart of Thorns content on our Charr duo. The main story is gated every so often by masteries so progress isn’t as fast as we might like. So sessions are a mix of doing whatever events are happening as we pass by and riding/gliding around to get hearts, vistas and points of interest.

In the last session we were working towards zone completion of the first zone, Verdant Brink. It’s a bit of a pain though as there are some fiendish jumping puzzles involved and some areas are next to inaccessible unless a meta event is on giving a lift up to the highest levels of the canopy.

Never look down in Verdant Brink

I find the jumping puzzles somewhat stressful, it’s just so easy to fall down, and in some cases the bottom of the area – e.g. crashed airship wreck, is open to the long drop to the forest floor two layers below. So if you fall accidentally there’s a chance you’ll fall a long way…

The advantage of zone-completion efforts is finding all the nooks and crannies of the zones. The areas are so beautiful in their design and have lots of secrets to divulge to first-time explorers.



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