Outside motivations to gaming

Although I play various games for different reasons there are very occasionally external, non-gaming reasons for me to game as well. The static trio group that I play in is juggling both DDO and SWL at the moment. Not ideal from a progression standpoint but it balances my gaming-motivated desire to play a D&D MMO with an external motivation to replay Secret World in its new incarnation.

The two images in this post are not screenshots. They are photos of actual origami of sorts. As many readers will know Secret World is known among MMORPGs as having the most complex and rewarding puzzle content. In what other game can you print out an on-screen photo, fold it using an in-game set of instructions and then decode the message from Japanese to your own language?

This time around I happen to be learning Japanese, so by the time we finally get to Tokyo, I should be able to read and help translate some of the texts without relying solely on Google Translate and the like. I’m really looking forward to it. That’s important as I’m not that motivated to replay all the intervening content, so little has changed and it hasn’t been that long since our first play through of the elder game.

So, in this case a real-life reason is keeping me playing this game. Do you ever have non-gaming reasons for playing something?

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