Craft quests coming #everquestii

So I read on Twitter that next Tuesday an update will bring in the tradeskill quest line for the Planes of Prophecy expansion.

The timing is pretty good as only a few days ago I was fancying working on my level 30-odd provisioner (i.e. cook), when I remembered that I hadn’t as yet capped any crafting profession since the level cap was raised to 110. So I’ll be waiting to get on with those quests once they’re in-game, although first on my woodworker. Once he’s at the cap I can then come back to provisioner.

On a related note Husband and I have been playing a good amount of Guild Wars 2 together, and the lack of progress made on crafting on various characters has also been increasingly tempting me to spend time on that. We’re even tempted to have a go at ascended crafting if we manage to reach a high enough level of crafting and if, after we finally get our Griffon mounts (currently at 225 of 250 gold), we have enough resources to make something.


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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Oh, I was going to post something on the tradeskill quest today. Might still do that. I wish it had been this week, when I’m not working, but next week is good too.

    Crafting in GW2 is horrible compared to EQ2 but if you’re going to do 400-500 and make Ascended you picked the right time. The economy is in free-fall and mats haven’t been this cheep for years. If Anet don’t course correct soon there won’t be an economy much longer so probably best to do it now rather than later since mats will rise again if and when they turn off the gold fountain.

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