Sticking to the one mount

For games that have mounts, and with Guild Wars 2 adding them last year most of the games I play do have them, I often find myself subconsciously or actively selecting mounts for different characters and I rarely vary from that choice. It’s akin to a form of character customisation for me, a part of the characters developing style and personality.

There are some games that make this less clearcut, Guild Wars 2 requires you to use all the mounts just to explore the expansion zones. Where I have a choice though my Mesmer rides a bunnyroo as much as possible, whereas my Charr necromancer seems to be favouring a raptor by default.

Mesmer + bunnyroo

Other examples abound, I’ve gone back to my highest level character in Elder Scrolls Online just to make some progress on leveling – this Argonian rides a guar and will accept nothing less dignified, horses have too many legs!

Finally my Everquest 2 characters have some lovely mounts, my Inquisitor has the glorious (or should I say nefarious) shadowy Opegaz Horde Bane. He’s used other mounts over the years but will I’m sure be using this pegasus for many years to come.

Do you stick to the same mount long-term on characters or do you change them often?


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6 Responses to Sticking to the one mount

  1. Sylow says:

    I feel the same. In ESO each character has one mount. No switching, no duplicate use. I also appreciate that ESO allows me to name pets and mounts. Of course, in ESO all mounts are technically the same, so this is no issue at all, but adds to the style of my characters.

    So i also agree that GW2 somehow actually falls short here. Sure the mounts are nicely done, but the further you get into the desert, the more you have to rely on all of them. I actually recently, for the first time, found use for the “special keys” of my keyboard. (It’s a “kind of a gaming keyboard”, with six defineable keys. Up to now the only feature i used was to be able to switch off the windows key, to prevent me to accidentally get out of a game when i used the palm to press CTRL… ) In GW2 the keys are bound to the different mounts, so i can quickly switch from one mount to another, without having to click around.

    Sure it’s more convenient, but it also turns the mounts into pure tools. Nine classes so nine characters, multiply by five mounts. Yea, the mounts can be dyed differently, so each is kind of an individual, but they are just way too many to still have any connection to them. (And i also still wish you could name your minipets in game, but that’s another thing. )

    I guess for many people mounts are merely tools, for them GW2 is perfectly fine. For me personally, something is lost when mounts feel so replaceable.

    But alas, Path of Fire rubs me wrongly in several ways, most of all the conversations and voice lines. Whenever my character talks in the expansion, i am annoyed that he somehow, for no apparent, reason, has turned into an arrogant lower body orifice.

    • Telwyn says:

      Oh the tip about binding different mounts is revolutionary, just never thought about it but it’s so much better than fiddling with the dropdown especially if trying to avoid getting stuck in combat when swapping mounts. Thanks!

  2. Sylow says:

    And PS: hehe. Yea, when not needing the mount to specific terrain, my charr guardian also sticks to the raptor, while my human mesmer prefers the rabbit. I guess it must be genetic… 😀 😉

  3. I’m the same way. It’s part of why I’ve never been much of a mount collector. Once I find a mount that suits a character, I usually just stick with it for the long haul. Getting more would be superfluous. Once in a while I might upgrade to something nicer, but that doesn’t happen often.

  4. Shintar says:

    Same for me. I think over the course of the six years that I’ve been playing SWTOR, my main has changed mounts only… three times? And one of those was back in the day when you needed to upgrade to a different speeder to be able to go at max speeder piloting speed. My twi’lek consular still has her trusty first speeder which actually came from a vendor – but it’s yellow and stripy like her, whatever could be more suitable? Let’s just say that I’m not a good customer when the business model is about selling you mounts or keeping you busy “collecting” them. 😛

  5. bhagpuss says:

    My EQ2 Berserker’s “mount” is actually a pair of batwings. I haven’t used anything else since I got them years ago, although they are only the visual representation – he’s actually using the stats from the mount from the last expansion. EQ2 wins over all other MMOs by allowing you to ride one mount while appearing to ride another.

    In GW2, once you get the Griffon there’s no point riding anything else except for the occasional situational requirement like poison resist on the skimmer or vertical lift on the bunny. The griffon can get to most places the skimmer can anyway though.

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