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That familiar feeling #EverquestII

Thanks to Bhagpuss for the news that there is a quest for free familiars in Everquest 2 at the moment. This was perfect timing as I’ve been poking around in-game again after a bit of a post-holidays break. Free stuff … Continue reading

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Into the Pit of despair #DDO

I experienced “the Pit” dungeon for the first time yesterday, well the first time I can remember playing it anyway. Foolishly we started the dungeon quite late and the run took two hours despite rushing somewhat. This dungeon is a … Continue reading

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Tera’s male Brawler

I was surprised to read a few days ago over at Massively OP about a new class coming to Tera, or more appropriately a new class variant – the male Brawler. I will refrain from reposting the teaser video, punching … Continue reading

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Taking to the skies #GuildWars2

Finally today we unlocked our Griffon mounts on our Asura pair. Once we’d earned our 250 gold, we took a break from Maguuma for a couple of sessions to go through the last of the unlock chain. N.B. This post … Continue reading

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A call for help #GuildWars2

As we continue our push through Heart of Thorns, with now a second map completed, I’m impressed by just how helpful and communicative the people we meet are in this MMORPG. There are challenges that a pair of Charr cannot … Continue reading

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Bring the fire (resistance) #DDO

In our last Dungeons & Dragons Online session we played some House Kundarak quests, seems Syp is just ahead of us on doing that. The most memorable quest was Taming the Flames – a nest of nasty re-spawning Fire Elementals. … Continue reading

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Disguise gameplay #ElderScrollsOnline

I had fun with an extended ‘stealthy’ quest area, the Hatching Pools in Shadowfen in Elder Scrolls Online. As well as the main zone quest that took me to the area, there were a few side quests to do. Like … Continue reading

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