Exploring more of Tamriel in 2018? #TESOnline

Elder Scrolls Online seems to be doing rather well at the moment, it was awarded Massively OP’s MMO of 2017 recently. It’s one of the MMORPGs that I watch the news for even when I’m not playing it. I have dipped back in-game again since returning from the holidays, part of my natural inclination to rotate through games.

Dark Fissure encounter

This week apparently there’s a free trial of the ESO Plus subscription-like offering. I may take it up to have a look at the crafting inventory system – inventory management is a real bugbear in this game I find. The trial comes at a time when hints are coming for the next major DLC release – Dragon Bones are emerging. Seems it’ll be Skyrim themed (Nord /Viking themed). Unlike many, I do not find Skyrim to be the best of the Elder Scrolls game series, so without more details I can easily curb my expectations.

Can I take a horse-and-carriage instead…?

However, I am enthused to be playing the game again casually: there’s so much I haven’t seen as my highest character is level 21. The only question I have is whether to push my Dragonknight higher into the original zones, or to focus on my newer Warden’s playthrough of the Morrowind expansion content…

Happy to see Dark Anchor events are still popular

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  1. I definitely recommend taking up the ESO Plus trial, for two main reasons:

    1: It gets you access to all DLC, and while you probably won’t have time to finish any of them before the week runs out, a lot of them give you rewards just for zoning into the DLC area, and you’ll keep the rewards even after you lose access to the DLC. I got myself a sweet assassin personality just for teleporting to the Gold Coast.

    2: It lets you dye costumes as you can your normal gear, and again, the dyes will remain even after you’re no longer on ESO Plus. Some of those costumes look much, much better with different colours. My nightblade looks amazing in the Golden Saint costume with it dyed black and white.

    The next DLC is only group dungeons, so that’s a hard pass from me, but there’s been some datamining that hints at the Summerset Isles being the setting of the next expansion, and if that’s the case, I’ll be on board with that. As an Aldmeri loyalist, I’ve wanted to visit the Altmer capitol for ages now.

  2. DDOCentral says:

    Ooh, there it is. Sorry.

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