MMO economics, striking it rich(er)

In only a few days I’ve had two separate experiences of ‘striking it rich’ in MMORPGs that I played recently. When I popped back into Black Desert Online, I had 15 million silver waiting for my character in the mail. There was no effort or luck involved in that particular reward – it’s a “welcome back” type feature added to the game to, I suppose, act as a minimal catch-up mechanism for absent players.

So much freebie money…

The fame level system does reward playing more, the higher my character’s fame the more money I’d rake in for simply logging into the game. I’m sure 15 million is small change to many more loyal players of BDO, but for my off-and-on character’s adventures it seems like quite a lot!

In a similar vein I received in Everquest 2 only yesterday another tidy sum of money. In one of the pre-Christmas sessions playing Planes of Prophecy content I’d found a Jeweller’s tradeskill book. That’s one tradeskill I haven’t even touched on any alt yet, so I checked the Broker and popped it on for what seemed like a pretty astronomical price. Returning this week from holiday travels, I checked back in on the Broker and found I’d managed to sell said lowly book for a cool 48000 platinum. Again, that’s probably peanuts to a long-time vet of the game, but for me it increased my richest character’s money pool by about 700%.

Rent worries gone for life…

My new money total in EQ2 means no worries for rent paying or repairs for a very, very long time. I’m not sure what I’d spend all that plat on: the valuable WoW-Token like Kronos are still way out of my economic league at ~1.1 million plat on Skyfire. In BDO likewise when I do play silver doesn’t really seem to figure much in my gameplay other than to encumber my character if I forget to bank it regularly…

So I guess there’s no real lesson to learn here, sometimes you strike it lucky with a rarer drop that the market values. Other times you manage to offload something on a very rich character for an over-inflated price. If I cared more about economic gameplay then this “easy money” might even annoy me. But my time for any one game is pretty limited, and  money in such over-inflated virtual economies is pretty easy to come by it seems.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Some 100+ tradeskill books are selling well but others are worth next to nothing. Not really sure why. The drop on Adepts is poor so those are also selling well. I’ve made bank on a few but the problem is that EQ2 is suffering from hyper-inflation so you need a vast amount of Platinum to buy anything worth having from other players. When it comes to NPCs and game systems, though, the economic expectations are deep in the past, so one Broker sale can finance all your regular needs for months, if not years.

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