A mixed-up, meandering session of games

I returned home from the festive holidays to an evening of gaming with no clear objectives or plan. In the end I chose to patch and ‘sample’ a few different games.

Crafting, Everquest 2

I realised, oh so late to the party, that there’s a crafting instance while away this year for Christmas. Typically after my first, ever, run of Frostfell Decoration Committee I then didn’t find any time to run it again before last night. That’s a shame as my Shadownknight managed to bump up his meagre Armorer skills by twelve whole levels with one run through (from 23 to 35).

Last night I intended to complete a whole run, although the quest seemed to bug out on me near the end as he couldn’t pick up any of the paper needed to craft one of the items. In the end I gave up with only five new Armorer levels achieved from handing in all the completed sub-quests.

Wandering, Black Desert Online

Every time I play Black Desert Online I inevitably end the session feeling lost and directionless. There’s something of a disconnect for me between the appeal of the game and the reality of playing it. I attended to the various “welcome back” stuff for a while, then checked on auctions and rode off to do a few quests and grind some mobs in the current area – the Red Orcs of the ‘Neutral Zone’.

So much freebie money…

When I’m in the zone and grinding it’s fun, for a while at least, but I feel that BDO demands commitment to get deeper into the gameplay. I was definitely not in the mood to start looking at nodes or energy or the like last night.

Questing, Elder Scrolls Online

I played a good chunk of Elder Scrolls Online last year, and I’m feeling it might be time to return to the game soon. I logged a few different characters on and sorted the shared bank first off, not really intending to do anything much beyond the usual little chores. I tried to do the daily horse-skill upgrade on my two characters with mounts but both showed 11 hours left since the last upgrade – impossible since I haven’t played the game for several months!

Red Mountain postcard

Rather than fuss over bugs and crafting, I swapped to the baby Warden I created for playing through Morrowind and got stuck into some questing. What should have been a short session then stretched naturally into several hours of meandering around Vvardenfell.

Stealing a quest item

It was a fun session although I’m not sure if I have room on my gaming plate for ESO at the moment – I’d best start evaluating my priorities!

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  1. I’ve also been bouncing around between a couple of different titles lately. Mostly killing time while I wait for Antorus to finish releasing. Tried Warframe for a day, got back into The Division, and been dipping my toes into ESO’s Orsinium DLC, which I bought on sale ages ago but never got around to playing.

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