Happy New Year

Best wishes for a fun filled 2018 to everyone!

Personally I’m hoping for the usual mix of my stalwart MMORPG games, plus maybe one new game to bring in some variety at some point.

I still have some goals from 2017 to fulfill; didn’t get that far into EQ2’s expansion nor DDO’s Mists of Ravenloft due to holiday travels. Going back earlier in the year I did even less of Mordor in LOTRO, maybe I’ll return to it at some point in the year to come.

Otherwise I’ll see how the year develops. Beyond MMOs, I’m still very keen on somehow fitting more tabletop or virtual RPGs time in for 2018 – I’d especially like to do more adventure writing to make this year a more creative one!

Best wishes the year to come!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Happy New Year!

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