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MMORPG user interface standards

Last weekend I was running some tabletop gaming using Fantasy Grounds 2, and I was reminded just how quirky the user interface is. This virtual tabletop software re-invents a lot of controls and concepts that are already well established for … Continue reading

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Longer quests #DDO #TESOnline

Not all MMORPG quests are equal. Questing has tended, in many games, to be reduced down to simple tasks like the apocryphal “kill 10 rats” or something similar; requiring five minutes or so with maybe some travel time either side. … Continue reading

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Missing the sun #DDO

I logged into DDO just now to do some quick quests with my husband and was greeted by a brilliant blue sky over Stormreach. Sure made a sweet sight during these dark, cold and wet winter days…

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Don’t forget the lizards! #TESOnline #Everquestii

Followers of this blog may have noticed I like to play unusual and larger-than-life characters in MMORPGs. If there’s a race or character model that’s further from a bog-standard human then I’m mostly likely to choose it. I particulary like … Continue reading

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Exploring more of Tamriel in 2018? #TESOnline

Elder Scrolls Online seems to be doing rather well at the moment, it was awarded Massively OP’s MMO of 2017 recently. It’s one of the MMORPGs that I watch the news for even when I’m not playing it. I have … Continue reading

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All caught up #DDO #DDOUnlimited

Our two characters are now caught up with their Cleric companion and ready to push onwards to level 10 – my husband expressed wants to see the Ravenloft content that I’ve told him about, so onwards to level 10! Catching … Continue reading

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Learning a lesson #DDO #DDOUnlimited

When was the last time a leveling dungeon whipped your behind with some real challenge? In a lot of MMORPGs dungeons below the level cap are pretty easy – especially if you have a half-decent tank and healer in the … Continue reading

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