My favourite posts of 2017

As we close another year I’ll use this last post of the year to review some of my favourite MMORPG blog posts from 2017. For this selection I’ve incorporated a mix of favourite memories alongside some of the more comparative or thoughtful pieces addressing the wider MMO genre.

1) Five suggestions for next SWTOR expansion

Having just watched, and thoroughly enjoyed, the latest Star Wars film; I have had SWTOR on my mind again of late. In reviewing 2017 posts for this year I came across the linked post from January about my thoughts for SWTOR’s future direction and I’d stick by those five points still today.

2) Social Items

This April post highlighted the many social items that exist in World of Warcraft and added a few examples from other MMOs too.

3) Low level dungeon groups

This has been a ‘poster issue’ for me this year, first addressed back in May in the linked post. It’s not one I’ve wholly resolved either. The genre may have come up with the dungeon finder as the solution, but like anything in MMORPG gaming there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any problem. Definitely an issue I’ll continue to watch.

4) How well we know virtual worlds

This post from June looked at Middle Earth in LOTRO but could equally apply to any virtual world – how well do you know the lore and deeper details?

5) D&D game-off

I’ve had a lot of fun playing both D&D inspired MMORPGs this year, sometimes at the same time, so I’ve been able to compare and contrast them to some extent. My conclusions from July still stand actually after months of on-and-off playing both games. I’d thoroughly recommend trying both games if you want to try something a bit different from the norm, or if you’re unable to get a group together to play tabletop RPGs reguarly.

6) A fresh perspective on MMO gaming

Also in July I considered how a very well-known game may appear, and what it is like to play, for someone less well versed and invested than myself in the game and genre. It was a truly enlightening moment to take that lesson on-board.

7) Server Choice and Community

In September I was thinking about the problems server choice can present MMO players, something that I’ve encountered in several different games this year.

8) The loot hose

While listening to a recent Massively OP podcast episode the phrase “loot hose” came up when referring to Guild Wars 2 and I had to nod in agreement, the devs really should fix the abundance of useless gear drops in this game. My post from September still rings true.

9) Puzzling a solution

I love having options and different approaches to challenges in gaming, and any MMORPG that offers me that wins bonus points for sure. In this post from October I looked at a few moments where DDO has offered me an experience similar to the single player/coop RPG experience, where puzzles and multiple solution-options are the norm.

10) Embrace the Bounce

Playing our Asura in Guild Wars 2 this Autumn has been a real pleasure, one increased no doubt by the fun we’ve had with the beautifully animated mounts that Path of Fire added to the game.

11) Lockbox Ennui

Another October post, this one addresses the lockbox issue referring to Secret World Legends in particular. I hope that wider trends outside MMORPGs (e.g. the Battlefront II debacle) may be enough to spur developers to dial-back on the lockbox obsession that has dominated recent years.

12) Non-combat Challenges

My recent post from December on non-combat challenges was also a favourite for this year. Variety of gaming challenges is always welcome!

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