A:IR – an MMO to watch for in 2018?

I haven’t really got any new MMORPGs that I’m watching at present as games I’ll want to play, or at least I didn’t have any until I watched the lengthy and varied reveal trailer for Ascent: Infinite Realm (a k a A:IR apparently).

I’d not heard at all of the Steampunk/Fantasy title until just now, developed by Bluehole (same company as Tera), Massively OP have a more recent article than the above-linked one with a quote that first grabbed my attention:

[A] glossy steampunk-fantasy MMORG that boasts less grinding, more meaningful quests, and front-loaded fun, with a design that recognizes you probably play more than one game

Now that sounds rather squarely targetted at my gaming interests. I’m all for games with less grinding and meaningful quests. I loved the combat mechanics and class gameplay in Tera but the story was never very engaging, plus the class customisation was very poor indeed. The latter point is not addressed above, this new game may well have just as shallow class progression. But the trailer is worth a watch; there seems to be a good amount of gameplay variety, including a detailed housing system. Plenty of vehicle fights and aerial combat were highlighted, I guess to emphasize the Steampunk-theme as a selling point. Gliding is also a feature included in the video, the game world will feature vertical layers of content it seems.

I didn’t come away with any real clue about the classes shown in the video, almost everyone seems to be using big guns as special moves. There’s an overview of five classes on the official website, but again scant detail on how classes will play or be developed as you progress. Beta is scheduled for in the New Year, so perhaps I’ll give it a whirl…

Is this game on anyone else’s MMO-radar?

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2 Responses to A:IR – an MMO to watch for in 2018?

  1. I’ll keep an eye on it. The promise of less grind and better quests is certainly compelling.

    I wasn’t a fan of TERA, though, so that makes me suspicious off the bat. And based on your link to the class page, it’s a limited selection of super generic archetypes, and they’re gender-locked to boot. That’s not promising.

    We’ll see.

    • Telwyn says:

      The class presentation wasn’t that inspiring I’ll admit, but I do like the sound of a new steampunk setting to explore. More details needed certainly.

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