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My favourite posts of 2017

As we close another year I’ll use this last post of the year to review some of my favourite MMORPG blog posts from 2017. For this selection I’ve incorporated a mix of favourite memories alongside some of the more comparative … Continue reading

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Sleigh bells ring #NeverwinterGame #Simril

Today I finished off collecting enough Fortune stars to buy the Royal Winter Sled mount in Neverwinter. Technically it’s no better than the Medium Adventurer’s Horse that all my characters receive upon creation – this is a purely cosmetic purchase. … Continue reading

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Festive cheer

Wishing all my readers festive /cheer for the holidays! Happy gaming!

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A slice of Simril #NeverwinterGame

My gaming plans are mostly on hold, it seems, as there’s just so much to do with family in the run up to Christmas this year. I’m aware that several new board games have been purchased so the festive days … Continue reading

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Quests in Barovia #DDO #Ravenloft

In recent sessions I’ve completed three proper quests/instances in DDO’s Mists of Ravenloft expansion. I still have a lot of exploring to do in the area around the Village of Barovia. So far I’ve focused on fighting monsters and any … Continue reading

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Non-combat challenges in MMORPGs #EQ2 #DDO

As I’ve been working on Frostfell activities this weekend, I came across the Icy Keep instance. This has been in the game for over ten years, but somehow I didn’t get around to completing it before. It’s that slightly rarer … Continue reading

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Frostfell time! #EQ2 #Frostfell

I logged into EQ2 to have a first look at the Frostfell seasonal event today. Of the seasonal events that I’ve seen in-game it’s one of the most content-rich and engaging. It’s also packed full of charming humour. I’d read … Continue reading

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