Content deluge incoming…

The next couple of weeks feature content-drops for several of my current MMORPG games, it’s a bit of a deluge of new stuff to do:

Everquest 2 is down today between 14:00 and 19:00 (GMT) to deploy Planes of Prophecy.

Blending in, in Kunark

Guild Wars 2 introduces the first post expansion story in the Living World Season 4 Episode 1 later today.

Ticking off the Griffon quest boxes…

Next week, on Tuesday 5th, Dungeons & Dragons Online will be launching the Ravenloft expansion. Typically I’ll be away next week when Ravenloft comes along, so will have to jump into that when I get back.

Is this a Ravenloft decor preview?

That gives me a week to see the new episode of GW2 content, and to get started on Planes of Power. That’s a lot of gaming to do!

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6 Responses to Content deluge incoming…

  1. DDOCentral says:

    The Ravenloft expansion is going to be incredible!

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Lol, tell me about it! Worst time for me, too. If they’d done this two Tuesdays ago I’d have had an entire week off work to enjoy it.

    Ravenloft was one of the highlights of my AD&D tabletop gaming hobby, some 35 years ago! I don’t think it’s enough to get me to log back into DDO but I’ll be interested to read about it. What levels is for, anyway?

    (Oh, and you typed “Planes of Power” in the post instead of “Planes of Prophecy”, which I’m sure DBG’s marketing department would love to hear, since that’s the connection they were hoping we’d all make!)

  3. Shintar says:

    I know you’re not playing it right now, but SWTOR had a major patch today too. Not enough Tuesdays in a year I guess. 😀

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