Secret World Legends #IntPiPoMo2017

Although we’ve been playing more Divinity Original Sin 2 than Secret World Legends of late, the last week has seen one of our DOS2 quartet not around, so the three of us have instead been back in SWL. Here’s some screenshots from the latter game for my final International Picture Posting Month post of 2017!

1. Puzzling it out together…

2. Playing around with the new Anima Allocation system

I very positive change

3. Ak’abs are still annoying

4. Some flashy new combat graphics in SWL

5. The NPCs are still the stars

Limiting myself to 50 pictures was never likely to happen, I could have gone so easily way over the goal for the month, picture posts are too much fun to do!

#IntPiPoMo2017 count 53/50

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