GW: griffon quest underway

We completed the Path of Fire storyline on our Asura duo last weekend. Other than zone completion, we still have the a bunch of points of interest to find and the odd mastery point to unlock, the main thing we still want to achieve is unlocking the griffon mount.

This mount is so very gorgeous to look at. Getting started on it gave us an ever so tantalising taste of the mount – like all the others there are temporary mounts in certain places that you can use but only until you are dismounted, fight something or need to use a different mount.

This mount unlock is pretty involved, we have a list of nine items per zone for all five zones. We’ve been working on gathering the easy and exploration-oriented stuff first, so grabbing the items you have to jump or glide to get.

A second category of achievements to unlock are the events or boss fights in each zones that you can only get meta-credit for once you have started the whole griffon achievement.  At least one of the big boss battles we’d completed before while playing through the zones following the main story but that didn’t count for this meta-achievement.

The third major category is one of spending 25g on each of 10 items spread across the five zones. That’s something we’ve been ignoring, we came into the expansion with a brief partial jaunt to Maguuma, and no regular playtime since the early days of Living Story 2. I think my character had gained about 15-18g playing through the main storyline, hard to say as I hadn’t paid any attention to it until we started looking at the griffon unlock. In any case this isn’t looking so insurmountable anymore thanks to a hot tip from Aywren on her blog. My character has gone from barely having a fifth of the money needed to having about 65% of the total in one quick trip to the Amnoon trading post.

We’re combining the griffon hunt with zone completion so I doubt we’ll be done that quickly, but it’s fun to have a goal while still mainly exploring about and poking our Asuran noses into all kinds of dangerous places…

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6 Responses to GW: griffon quest underway

  1. Orthom says:

    I left this comment on Aywren blog. But i thought it qould be useful here too.

    If you are wondering what is stashed away on your account and what you can perhaps sell use GW2 Effciency at

    To get this to work you have to generate an API key. To do that log into your GW2 account at . Go to the applications tab after you logged in and generate an API key with all the checkmarks set. You can now klick on API key at GW2 Efficiency and enter the API key. Save the key and you can look around in your account. The ‘Bank’ and the ‘Material Storage’ tab under account will calculate what all your things are worth.

  2. Glad to have been of help! I know that low-gold feeling, and trying to scrounge up everything I could just to get this griffon. Good luck to you both and hope you have lots of fun along the way! 🙂

  3. bhagpuss says:

    As I keep saying, I think the Griffon quest is the best content in the whole expansion. Take it slowly and enjoy it is my advice. I loved it.

  4. PMu says:

    I am just working through this too. Good luck 🙂

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