Roads most travelled #IntPiPoMo2017

This post is part of a series for IntPiPoMo 2017, posts that highlight screenshots from my MMORPG gaming. Here I feature pictures that capture very well trodden roads or routes in games, ones that my characters travel most often as shortcuts or regular journeys.

1. The Enchanted Lands Hop, Everquest 2

The Norrath of EQ2 is very fragmented; it’s lots of large islands really. So travel generally involves using a lot of World Bells, Ulteran Spires and Druid Rings. For each character this well-worn path is slightly different but oh so familiar. Leg one is the ride or run from their bind point (usually outside their house) to the city World Bell. Then leg two, where the Bell network does not suffice, is the short fly/ride from the bell at the docks in Enchanted Lands to the nearby Spire or Ring. This route I’ve used for years now as a way to connect between the different fast travel networks in the game.

2. The Dalaran South Loop, World of Warcraft

Dalaran, the flying city is currently the main base for players in WoW. Its familiar architecture offers many services and quest-givers. So the fastest route between flightmaster and the Alliance portal room and major quest NPCs has become, once more, a very well-trodden path.

The Dalaran Hearthstone bind point

Dalaran’s familiar streets

3. The Marketplace Bridges, Dungeons & Dragons Online

The Marketplace zone of Stormreach is the central hub of most of DDO’s Eberron content. It provides access to the Harbour where the newbies arrive, and connects to the many Dragonmarked Houses that offer higher-level adventures. Expect to cross it many, many times in your character’s development…

A central bridge at night time

The tents of the Marketplace

4. The Bree Stablemaster Sprint, Lord of the Rings Online

The stablemaster network for travel across Middle Earth is segmented into a hub-and-spoke system – some hubs like Bree-land are very oft used transit points, but at Bree there are two stablemasters. So a very, very frequent journey to make for any would-be hero is the ride, or sprint, through the town between the West Gate and South Gate stablemasters.

5. Protector’s Enclave Hike, Neverwinter Online

Adventurers in Neverwinter spend a lot of effort and time climbing that hill in Protector’s Enclave. Several main quest givers are up there, for the base game and for later content as well. It’s also the main place in town to do your invocations to the gods for buffs and rewards. Get used to hiking up that hill!

A spot of invocation half-way up?

The steps near the top

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