#IntPiPoMo 2017

Chestnut of the Gamer Girl Confessions blog is organising once again the International Picture Posting Month blogging initiative to fill your blogfeeds with beautiful, colourful and varied screenshots. I’ve enjoyed this annual event as a way to admire the games everyone is playing and to even discover new blogs that I wasn’t aware of.

I have developed a real love of taking screenshots in the games that I play, I rarely took pictures of my gaming before this blog came along, but it soon grew beyond a necessary chore into more akin to a ‘virtual photography’ aspect to my gaming hobby.

I need no excuse to post a few screenshots to break up the text of an article, but having a whole month of picture-focused posts is a rather nice community challenge! I’ll finish this intro post with a trio of pictures that illustrate the last few sessions of gaming.

1. Gliding is still a thing in Path of Fire #GuildWars2

2. What could possibly go wrong… #DDOUnlimited

A dragon, an mind flayer and a mysterious crystal artifact. What could possibly go wrong?

3. Spooky goings-on in Protector’s Enclave

Happy picture posting everyone!

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