Autumn gaming update

Although there’s been quite a lot of heavy commentary about Pay to Win and lockboxes of late, I haven’t felt that drawn into the arguments myself. I’m AFKish this weekend to do a weekend of D&D (pen and paper ftw!), but I’m also too busy having fun in MMOs to worry about payment models.

Artificer leveling, DDO

I’m slowly leveling a new Artificer character on Orien, a new server for me and one that seems a lot busier when I’m likely to be active. I’ve almost finished on Korthos and have dinged him level 3 already. Although taking my time on the island means repeating dungeons a number of times I am focusing on getting rep with the Coin Lords faction as a first priority – the extra bag slots are well worth the effort.

Path of Fire, GW2

My play through of Path of Fire with my husband continues despite the crazy busy weeks we’ve had of late. We’ve unlocked our skimmer mounts and are almost done in the Elon Riverlands.

Kunark Ascending, EQ2

Late to the party as always, I’m playing through the current expansion finally, ahead of the launch of Planes of Prophecy. I’ve no idea whether I’ll make it through the story before the expansion launches but I’m happily playing my Inquisitor again.

Other stuff, BDO & Wildstar

If I don’t miss the event entirely, I could be tempted back into Wildstar to replay some of the awesome Shade’s Eve content. I’d also like to give Black Desert a bit of time at some point, though I doubt I’ll be doing that anytime soon…

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