EQ2: Planes of Prophecy

I see via Massively OP that the pricing and packages for pre-order of the next EQ2 expansion have been announced. Prices seem to be going up and up across the industry for these, and the decline in the value of Sterling hasn’t helped either.

Normally I’d buy the base price as the story content is the most important thing to me. Converted costs are: £27 for the Standard edition, £69 for the Collector’s and an eye-watering £106 for the Premium.

The Collector’s edition includes a few choice items extra to the base package, the particular ones that stood out for me are:

  • Bhoohghar the Phlegmpriest mercenary
  • Tradeskill Level 100 Boost
  • Skewer, the Equalizer

New mercenaries are always fun to experiment with when running content, and given that this one is a priest he should (hopefully) be some kind of healer merc. The mind does boggle however, whether a virus-ridden priest might not get annoying – is he going to be coughing constantly? Also, that name…

A level 100 tradeskill boost is intriguing, I’ve long thought it rather imbalanced that you could ding a character’s adventuring class to cap (or nearly), yet couldn’t do anything to shorten the leveling for tradeskills. Is it necessary? Is it even a good thing? I’m not sure.

Although details are scarce it seems, Skewer appears to be one of the new Soulbound Weapons that you can level as your character grows. It’ll be interesting to see the EQ2 take on this trope: Lord of the Rings Online introduced legendary weapons many year ago, World of Warcraft now has artifact weapons. I’ve also read Dungeons and Dragons Online will be adding sentient weapons to level up with this Autumn’s Ravenloft expansion.

I have mixed feelings about these types of systems. They do add a new dimension to character customisation, but they can take away from the pleasure of finding a new weapon upgrade or sidegrade as a random drop. Also the level of grind associated with such items usually makes Alt play less attractive…

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    I just posted about this. I pre-ordered the Standard edition immediately. It’s excellent value I think, especially with the Members’ 10% discount. I’m not expecting it to be a particularly large expansion – probably the same as the last two. I don’t think DBG have the resources for more than that right now. Those gave me a good 25+ hours of gameplay just going through the main story and when there’s a level cap increase I can easily double that. Decent for £25 in itself but then obviously, being an MMO, you then use the newest content a lot over the following year too.

    There are things in the Collector and Premium editions I’d like but not at those prices. If the Premium was priced at the Collector’s price then I would be tempted…very tempted. The Tradeskill boost is particularly interesting. If they sold that separately in the SC store I might get one.

    They didn’t mention any new PQs. I hope there are some. PQs are a real focus in EQ2 these days and I always enjoy doing them.

    (Here we go again – not sure if this is a duplicate comment – the first one vanished, probably into your Spam folder).

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