Don’t forget to look up!

A work-colleague once extolled me to always remember to look up when touring a new city or place. Whether it’s to see unusual architecture, a pleasing vista or something further away; it does prove true, even walking around my own city I occasionally see something new or unexpected when I take my eyes off street-level.

Interestingly the same maxim can also be very useful in gaming as well. It’s all too easy in MMORPGs to keep your character’s view fixedly level with the ground, but if you do then you’re probably missing out…

Beautiful skies

I encountered this view of towering architecture with a starry sky overhead while exploring the western edge of the Desert Highlands in Guild Wars 2. The stars track slowly overhead, two very bright ones were emerging close together above the left hand wall’s summit. This chimes with posts I’ve made before about how beautiful sky-boxes can be in MMORPGs.

Architectural grandeur

In dungeons looking up is rarely on your mind. But World of Warcraft’s dungeons have some sumptuous design work, often on areas that you barely notice unless you’re in full tourism mode.

Missing a clue

Looking all around for clues is important in Secret World Legends, even up! In confined spaces it’s easy to ignore the ceiling as your point of view appears to cover all around you. But a cunningly positioned written clue is only visible if you look up while close-by.

Finding those objectives

In Guild Wars 2 looking around, including upwards, is pretty important as the mini-map will show if a vista, mastery or hero point is nearby but it won’t tell you where in the game’s often complex, vertically layered, zones the objective lies. So looking up (or down) can be the most effective way of finding where you’ll need to jump, glide or ride to next.

Unusual sights

While in the city zones of Stormreach in Dungeons & Dragons Online, a shadow will on occasion pass over the street. If you bother to look up you will see a graceful Elemental Galleon sailing overhead. These airships are just decorative, but as a massive fan of the Eberron D&D setting, details like this really speak to me.

Beware an ambush

Keeping your eyes open and upwards in DDO can be good for your character’s health. There are often enemies hidden away in corners, on raised platforms or even harder to reach places. It can be a painful lesson if he or she doesn’t keep an eye on their surroundings!

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  1. Andy F says:

    This is something that often bugs me a bit when I watch GW2 streams, especially ones by new players – they seem to spend most of their time looking at the floor, and missing the wonderful scenery (and the occasional clue about what to do next).

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