GW2: embrace the bounce!

We’ve finally found enough time to push further into the Desert Highlands region of the Path of Fire expansion in Guild Wars 2. This region is noticeably different in geography from the previous sand-dune fest of the Crystal Oasis.  Lots of barrier cliffs blocking access to mastery points, vistas and other objectives.

Thankfully, within the same session we reached Highjump Ranch and unlocked our lovely new springer mounts! These adorable bunnie-roo (they look to me like a rabbit/kangaroo cross) mounts have a high-up jump ability, and a smash-down attack too.

As with the raptors the new style of movement and the special ability are fun to learn, and having unlocked another mount we are thinking back to all the locations we’ve seen that we couldn’t reach.


Otherwise the play session remains a real mix of wandering randomly, exploring things we find along the way and collecting as many mastery and hero points as possible. Having a second mount gives us even more use for masteries; we’re still just under a third of the way to unlocking our respective elite specialisations (Mirage and Weaver respectively). I haven’t unlocked enough to try mine properly, and to be honest I’m enjoying Chronomancer just a little too much – I will give Mirage a go, but it seems unlikely it’ll become my go to spec.

Tik tok on the clock…

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  1. Jeromai says:

    Purple haired bunnie-roos are some of the best bunnie-roos (along with baby blue-haired bunnie-roos.)

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